A data driven and certified multi-step approach to disinfection.

SuperiorClean™ Program

As facilities return to normal occupancy levels, providing a peace of mind to employees and customers is essential. Standard cleaning services are no longer sufficient and Pegasus is committed in doing our part in keeping clean, healthy and safe indoor environments.

The SuperiorClean™ Program provides a certified, multi-step disinfection program that prevents the spread from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Multi-step approach backed by experts




Disinfection Data

While every building is unique, what brings them together is the health and safety of their occupants through preventative and ongoing disinfection practices.

Getting your building clean & healthy in 3 steps

Step 1

Building Inspection

We go beyond disinfection. We help facility managers and owners create a game plan. Our team will take a holistic view of your building and provide recommendations based on your unique building needs.

Step 2

Preventative Decontamination

Our Preventative Decontamination uses Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Fogging, to fully decontaminate an enclosed space.

This process releases hydrogen peroxide into enclosed areas and it is considered one of the most e!ective ways to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens in an environment.

Hydrogen Peroxide fogging is quick, safe, and the most thorough method to ensure indoor areas are pathogen free. This is a highly recommended first step if a building has been unattended for a significant period of time or has had a covid-19 outbreak.

Step 3

Enhanced Disinfection

Enhanced Disinfection is an ongoing, proactive approach that focuses on disinfecting high-touch surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, pantry areas and seating areas, as well as routinely visited locations like restrooms, common areas, and other areas.

This will leave your building noticeably cleaner and healthier but most importantly, it will leave you, your staff, and customers more confident about being back at work.

Disinfection services include the use of EPA-registered disinfectants
approved to eliminate emerging pathogens, including microfiber
products to optimize effectiveness. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a disinfection framework that best suits your facility.

Bringing it all together with technology

Real-time Disinfection Data

Our PegAssure platform provides visibility on all disinfection workflow and scheduling data.
The data is available through a user friendly dashboard and accessible via any browser or device.
Our team will work with you to identify which cleaning schedules are ideal for your facility and grant access to any desired facility manager or team.

Ready to get your building safer & healthier?

Creating healthy and safe indoor environments demands a more robust disinfection approach that is beyond routine cleanings used before the pandemic.

Pegasus can help.

Safe & Effective
Disinfectants and Equipment

Our EPA-registered disinfectants are safe and effective while offering protection against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens.

We also use high performance tools & equipment to increase productivity and sanitization while reducing water waste.

Our Certifications

How Safe Is Your Facility?

Learn how you can demonstrate that your facility is doing its part to create a clean, healthy and safe environment.