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Provide a peace of mind to building occupants with SuperiorClean™

Pegasus leads the way in comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions. We leverage cutting-edge technology to create and maintain clean, healthy, and safe indoor environments for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.


Creating healthy and safe indoor environments demands a more robust disinfection approach that is beyond routine cleanings used before the pandemic.


Facility solutions you can count on

Cleaner and Safer Buildings

We are committed to not just buildings but people. The safety & health of people is our business and we have the track record to prove it. Just ask one of our customers.

Optimized Facility Performance

We drastically improve facility
performance with customized cleaning plans that are specific to your facility. Our seamless implementation ensures consistent on­site quality control to support your long-­term business investment.

Real Time Reporting

Measure and track the quality of our services in real time as inspections are performed and receive images and GPS data for additional verification and quality assurance.

More Connected Teams

Our Integrated technology suite allows frontline workers, supervisors, and customers to easily communicate, open and create work tickets, scan QR codes and report and track corrective action, ensuring all work has been completed optimally.

Standardized Training and Supervision

Our standardized training and supervision programs ensure all teams have been adequately trained and can effectively and
consistently perform job duties.

Green and Sustainable

Our comprehensive approach to
sustainability goes beyond green cleaning. It Involves procedures, low environmental impact cleaning products, tools, equipment, and training.

Trusted by companies such as...

I am quite pleased with the result on the data center. It's nice being able to see reflections in the floor again.

Andrew Gutierrez , President of Phoenix Internet

The Pegasus team showed up on time and were great to work with!  We really appreciate the fast response!

Jeff Eidel , Chief Operating Officer Cradle Genomics







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