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Download Pegasus Data Center Cleaning Process Guide

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Janitorial Services Information Sheet

We understand the critical need to maintain environments that fosters health and safety.

Data Center Cleaning Information Sheet

We help major data center operators across the U.S. keep their facilities clean

Cleanroom Services Information Sheet

The risk of a compromised cleanroom affects a company’s bottom-line.

Facility Services Information Sheet

Our goal is to help you and your company cut costs and promote growth, without ever sacrificing quality.

Contamination Control Programs

The rules and special procedures needed to clean a cleanroom, and how they differ from ordinary cleaning.

Where Money Leaves the Data Center

There are two reasons why few data center managers focus on the financial aspects of running their facility.

The Greenest Kilowatt by Jeff Becker

“The greenest kilowatt-hour (a data center has) is the one it doesn’t have to use”

Keeping the Data Center Running Optimally

The role the data center plays in business operations continues to grow in importance.

Clean Air and Data Processing Industry

Why should IT Management be concerned about the cleanliness of their data centers?