Compounding Pharmacy Cleanroom Services

Any delay in business processes due to contamination means a loss in production and profits. At Pegasus, we understand the critical importance of preventing and eliminating contamination.

Decontaminate & Sterilize

Our critical environment cleaning professionals use innovative technology to make certain your clean
room environment exceeds the industry's highest regulations for contamination control. maintenance
and safety.

Compounding Pharmacy Cleanrooms Services

Compounding pharmacies prepare unique sterile drugs that reduce the risk of developing an infection or cross-
contamination after usage. USP is the organization that outlines and describes the requirements for compounding pharmacy

USP 797 is the article that breaks down the specifics for
compounding pharmacies. Recent changes to the guidelines
mean more prescriptions may be compounded and thus expand
the need for cleanroom environments or cause for expedited
cleanings of current facilities.

We understand how important it is to incorporate these up to date standards; Our decades of experience helping pharmaceutical, medical device, nanotechnology, biotech, data center and semiconductor companies have kept cleanrooms contamination free. We have expertly trained technicians, and the employ the latest technologies to make 100% certain that cleanroom environments exceed the industry’s highest regulations.

Pegasus Building Services offers daily, monthly, one time and routine pharmacy cleanroom services. We welcome you to request a free quote or call us today.

I never have to worry about the job they do. They are competitive, thorough and attentive.

Dee Dee H 


Dee Dee H