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In controlled environments where living creatures are housed for scientific observation and research, the unwanted introduction of contaminants often proves toxic and can cripple the research effort. Bacteria and viruses pose a threat to the success of animal studies, while mold that grows in a humid setting can sicken or kill laboratory animals. These animals are also vulnerable to certain cleaning products. They are not only expensive to replace, but if they become ill, valuable research time is lost as well.

Pegasus Cleanroom Services offers cleaning services and technology that can maintain a controlled environment, eliminate contaminants and prevent other toxic elements from destroying years of research efforts.

Our employees also understand the sensitivity surrounding work in a vivarium setting. They are highly trained and experienced in cleaning these environments, and adhere to our strictest policies regarding confidentiality and the care of research animals.

“With the increased focus on sustainability and public health protection, progressive firms are adopting a more holistic approach to cleaning. They have learned that cleaning impacts a wide array of business functions and that relatively small incremental investments in cleaning produce outsized gains for the organization.”
International Sanitary Supply Association Study