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Healthy Facilities Mean Peace of Mind


According to ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, sick employees cost businesses a staggering sum of time and money:

  • 7.7 sick days per employee per year = $225.8 billion per year
  • Unplanned absences cause a 54% decrease in productivity and output and a 39% drop in sales and customer service
  • Employees with cold and flu symptoms experience a 3-8% overall loss in performance
  • Exposure to dust affects workers’ cognitive skills by 2-6%

The prevention of illness and accident directly affects your bottom line. As part of our Four Pillars of Performance approach, we provide customers with peace of mind – knowing our team of trained supervisory staff and quality control personnel can build a cleaning program designed for your building’s specific needs. The results:

  • Reduced health issues associated with poor cleaning practices and substandard cleanliness
  • Less liability through proper risk mitigation of potentially hazardous work conditions
  • Greater productivity from healthy employees
  • Improved employee retention

“With the increased focus on sustainability and public health protection, progressive firms are adopting a more holistic approach to cleaning. They have learned that cleaning impacts a wide array of business functions and that relatively small incremental investments in cleaning produce outsized gains for the organization.”

International Sanitary Supply Association Study