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Cleanrooms & GMP

Contaminated cleanrooms cost companies money, risk fines from the Food and Drug Administration, threaten the systems certifications required by most customers, and risk human lives, too. The risk of a compromised cleanroom affects a company’s bottom-line.
Without proper cleaning and maintenance, particulate and microbial contaminants frequently enter the cleanroom via one of three vectors:
Humans (cells, hair)
Environment factors (dust, fumes, smoke, mist)
Tools and equipment (lab equipment, cleaning equipment, wiping techniques)

With the stakes so high, it is imperative to keep the possibility of contamination to an absolute minimum.
Pegasus Cleanroom Services has decades of experience helping medical device, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor companies keep cleanrooms contamination-free. Expertly trained technicians, and the latest technologies, are employed to make 100% certain that cleanroom environments exceed the industry’s highest regulations for contamination control, cleanroom control, maintenance and safety, in line with federal and ISO standards compliance.

“With the increased focus on sustainability and public health protection, progressive firms are adopting a more holistic approach to cleaning. They have learned that cleaning impacts a wide array of business functions and that relatively small incremental investments in cleaning produce outsized gains for the organization.”
International Sanitary Supply Association Study