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Our approach to comprehensive facility services and state-of-the-art cleaning solutions is best described as our “Four Pillars of Performance”







An Investment, Not an Expense

Committed to Cost Savings

Having a safe, clean working environment affects every part of your business operations. By seeing to the health and safety of your employees, you gain higher morale, greater productivity and a tangible competitive edge

Pegasus Building Services helps you and your business lower operational costs through increased safety and accident prevention (including a state-of-the-art floor safety program and superior surface cleaning services). By making your building or critical environment cleaner and safer, we increase the value of your business – representing an investment, not just an expense.




Constant Innovation

On the Leading Edge Since 1969

You can’t afford to place your facility, cleanroom or laboratory in the hands of a cleaning service using outdated training and equipment. The ever-changing demands of your critical environment require innovative solutions to cleaning and facility maintenance. Pegasus Building Services is constantly looking for new and innovative technology, tools and equipment to enhance its cleaning service capabilities.

In 2002, we introduced Pegasus Cleanroom Services with the goal of being the premier, critical-environment cleaning company in the world, providing service to cleanrooms, high-tech manufacturing and GMP facilities. In 2005, Pegasus Data Center Cleaning was launched to meet our corporate and industrial partners’ specialized needs – the maintenance of data centers, co-location facilities, and telecommunications sites.

Our long history of innovation includes the use and introduction of:

  • Chemical dilution systems
  • HEPA-grade backpack vacuums
  • A SmartColor™ cleaning system that combines cleaning technology with the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding
  • The comprehensive Halo Infection Control System
  • Use of Pegasus Plus high-traction floor solution
  • PegWeb Portal, a proprietary, web-based system to track progress for remote users and customers in real time

Pegasus Building Services has been on the leading edge of innovative commercial cleaning services since 1969. Whether you have an office building, a cleanroom or data center, we are committed to keeping it clean, healthy and safe.





Partners in Your Business

Pegasus Building Services seeks to be a partner in your business, not just another vendor. Our focus is on developing long-term relationships, adopting a specialized approach to each customer’s cleaning and facility services needs.

As a relationship-based service, we offer peace of mind by serving as stewards of your facility.

Regular quality inspections insure that your facility is maintained to your highest expectations. And with a guaranteed response time of 10 minutes, your customer service representative is never more than a phone call away.

At Pegasus, you can be assured that your needs are first and foremost. That’s why you will always have a dedicated customer service representative at your side. In case you need assistance after hours, you have 24-hour access to a Pegasus representative. Our management team meets regularly to review our performance and to ensure your customer satisfaction.

At Pegasus Building Services, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of care.

Our expertly trained and professionally supervised staff is there to do the job right the first time and every time.





The Key to Our Success

Unlike other commercial cleaning service providers, Pegasus Building Services is employee-owned. When a customer picks up the phone or sees a Pegasus representative at their facility, they know they are dealing directly with an owner of the company.

Pegasus Building Services staff are in it for the long run. In the cleaning industry at large, employee turnover ranges from 200 to 300 percent a year. Turnover at Pegasus is less than 25 percent a year. This means the same person who cleans your facility today will be cleaning it tomorrow. There is no revolving door with Pegasus.

Everyone at Pegasus Building Services – from our front-line employees to our senior managers – has one overriding goal: do whatever it takes to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.